The End of Katsuyori Shibata?

On April seventh, at Sakura Genesis,  Katsuyori Shibata went face to face with current IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Kazuchika Okada.
what was billed as a huge main event.

During the ending, Shibata hit Okada with a stiff headbutt, Following the match, Shibata collapsed backstage and was rushed to a hospital, where it was discovered that he had a subdural hematoma,which required emergency surgery. The injury, caused by a stiff headbutt combined with dehydration, caused Shibata to also experience some paralysis on his right side.

On April thirteenth,  Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Shibata would never be cleared to wrestle again.  With that being said,  is this truly the end of Shibata?

The man is currently thirty seven and has wrestled all around the world, from his hometown of Japan, to the UK and America.
Winning titles almost everywhere he’s been,  he had a run in NJPW from nineteen ninety-nine to two-thousand and four, before leaving to Pro Wrestling Noah from two-thousand five to two-thousand twelve while competiting in the world of MMA.

After Shibata’s seven year leave,  he returned to NJPW and over the years competed in tag teams where he even won the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships with Hirooki Goto.  before breaking out as a singles competitor which saw him fight against some of the best in NJPW, In 2015, he would win the NEVER Openweight Championship three times before losing it to his former tag team partner, Goto.

Shibata entered this years New Japan Cup and won it after defeating Bad Luck Fale, in the finals to win himself a IWGP Heavyweight Championship match, against Okada at Sakura Genesis, on April seventh but was unsuccessful and suffered a career threatening injury.

A career built on hard strikes and literal breath taking submissions,
Shibata’s style is crafted in perfection for himself, if Shibata’s career is over, which most likely it is,  he has without a doubt left his mark not only in Japan but the sport of Professional Wrestling.


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Is Adam Cole NXT Bound?

In as little as one month,  Adam Cole’s contract with Ring of Honor will be coming to an end. 

This has led everyone with speculations that he’ll be signing with WWE’S developmental company,  NXT.  Cole is a huge name in the independent scene, from being the longest reigning PWG World Champion to ROH’S three time World Champion.

Last May he joined the Bullet Club, later on went to New Japan Pro Wrestling and defended the ROH World Championship numerous times while also winning it back to start his third reign.

Recently, after losing the ROH World Championship to Christopher Daniels at the 15th Anniversary of ROH,  He attempted to fire Matt and Nick Jackson from the Bullet Club.

Ultimately that failed and so recently, he has tried keeping good between both himself and members of Bullet Club,  but another rumor has speculated that the leader of Bullet Club, Kenny Omega is out to rid Cole after both men have been having heat between the both of them.

If this happens and Cole does leave the Indies for NXT.  It could be very huge for the Panama Playboy, many starts develop themselves more in NXT,  From Finn Balor to Sami Zayn to Kevin Owens with teams as well,  DIY to The Revival to American Alpha.

Cole has the skills to promo and wrestle, build anything from nothing to something and could definitely have revived feuds with many stars once making it to either Raw or Smackdown.

Cole is great anywhere he goes,  staying with ROH or going to NXT is the big question at the moment. All we can say is the rest of April will be anything but predictable. 


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Daniel Cormier: The Unstoppable Beast.

This past weekend.  Daniel Cormier successfully defended his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship,  against Anthony Johnson in a rematch from 2015. Cormier has been fighting nonstop from unknown to known.

Starting in 2009. Cormier has defeated the very best. Names from Dan Henderson to Anderson Silva to Anthony Johnson. Currently holding a record of twenty-one and one,  he has only lost to Jon Jones. People may say he doesn’t look tough but when an opponent steps in the octagon with Cormier. They are nowhere near ready for the unstoppable beast.  

After losing to Jones. A match between Ryan Bader, but after Jones was stripped of the Light Heavyweight Championship. Cormier was pulled out and replaced Jones against Anthony Johnson, at UFC 187. defeating him by rear neck choke in the third round to win his first Light Heavyweight Championship.

Defending against Alexander Gustafsson, Anderson Silva who filled in for a suspended Jon Jones  and recently a rematch between Anthony Johnson.  Cormier won all three and retired Anthony Johnson to not only retain, but prove that he is the face of the light heavyweights for a reason.

Cormier still has many doubters to prove wrong.  From fans to reporters,  but the fact that he can go in, beat down his opponents and win the Light Heavyweight Championship is just the start of a reaction change from those naysayers to fans of the unstoppable beast, Daniel Cormier.


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Marshawn Lynch heading to Raiders.

Rumors and reports have come out that retired NFL Running Back, Marshawn Lynch may come out of retirement and sign with the Oakland Raiders.

Lynch at the age of twenty eight  aided the Seattle Seahawks a Super Bowl win in 2014, until deciding to retire in early 2016.  it looked like the man nicknamed “Beast Mode” would ride off into the sunset,  that was until earlier this year, rumors speculating that Lynch and the Raiders were in talks for him to play with them in their 2017 season.

This is big news for both parties.
Raiders in their 2016 season were 13-3 and Lynch retired shortly into his 2016 season, but if he was to come out, from what everyone has seen him do for the Seattle Seahawks, he can be the best perk added to the Raiders.

Raiders had stars that broke out in 2016. Derek Carr, Ben Heeney, Seth Roberts,  Clive Walford and Mario Edwards Jr.

Lynch has already broken out, but he could aid these Breakout stars, with his undeniable speed and power that can gain touchdowns and wins, for the Raiders, which will result in making it to either a Wild Card or Playoff game, with the opportunity to finally make it to the Super Bowl and gain their first win since 1984 when John Madden was their head coach.

If Lynch does come out of retirement, plays for the Raiders and aids as far as to making it to the Super Bowl.  this would be huge for the Raiders and the greatest miracle they could receive and would be a sweet farewell when the Raiders leave Oakland to Las Vegas in the near future.


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Breaking News: Raiders Officially Moving to Las Vegas.

Breaking news today,  the Oakland Raiders have officially announced their move to Las Vegas, NFL owners approved for the Oakland Raiders move to Vegas with a 31-1 vote.

A move to Las Vegas will mark the team’s second departure from Oakland, following the Raiders’ move to Los Angeles 35 years ago.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodwell said about the move,

“We believe we, and the Raiders, have worked earnestly for over a decade to find a viable option in Oakland,We believe we went the extra mile to find that solution in Oakland. I wanted to thank Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf for her effort to find a viable solution. … we’re particularly disappointed for the fans. We worked as tirelessly and as hard as we could to try to find that solution. We just couldn’t get that done.”

With this being official,  the Raiders will be playing their 2017 season in Oakland, for the last time before the big move to Las Vegas.

Once they do move, it’s a rumor they’ll be playing in the Levi Stadium alongside the San Francisco 49ers. and if they get their own arena, all will still be good because Jack Del Rio and his Raiders main goal is to become greater and finally win themselves a Super Bowl ring,  something that hasn’t been dome since 1984 with head coach, John Madden. Only time will tell the Raiders thirty two year journey to win another Super Bowl ring.


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Kenny Omega: From Nothing to Main Eventing the Tokyo Dome.

From anyone who has watched Kenny Omega and his matches,  promos and in general, his career. They have seen what he is actually capable of doing from making a match into a match to remember.

Starting off in independent companies such as PCW, PWS, ROH, DDT,  JAPW and PWG, Omega has practiced and perfected his craft and proven that even an Otaku gamer gimmick like his can be put into a great thing for a show.

After being released by the WWE in 2006, Omega would embark on a mission to prove all the naysayers wrong, by getting more noticed in the Indy scenes which he did to later on get an opportunity to wrestle for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

In his first match he teamed with long time friend,  Kota Ibushi.
They faced off against a legendary team known as No Respect which consisted of Gedo and Jedo.  Being victorious in the match,  they would later win the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Titles,  only to lose them a few months later and stop teaming afterwards due to Omega turning Heel and joining the gajiin stable,  Bullet Club.

In Omega’s first PPV singles match in NJPW at Wrestle Kingdom 9.
He defeated another legendary Japanese wrestler known as Rysuke Taguchi for the IWGP Jr, Heavyweight Championship. which he would hold for a few months before losing and regaining it from Kushida only to lose it a year after his huge singles win at Wrestle Kingdom 10.

The day after Omega’s loss,
He would attack and fire Bullet Club’s leader,  AJ Styles who was leaving NJPW to sign with the WWE. Omega would announce he was taking over as the new leader of Bullet Club,  and going from a Jr. Heavyweight to a Heavyweight wrestler to compete for many more championship titles and takeover NJPW.

In Omega’s first PPV now as a Heavyweight wrestler,  he defeated the “Ace” of NJPW,  Hiroshi Tanahashi for the vacant Intercontinental Championship in a huge main event that would be the start of Omega’s rise to the top. 

Months later,  Omega lost the Intercontinental Championship and decided to instead compete in the 26th annual G1 Climax tournament which is a 2 week event where the A block with the most wins faces the B block and the winner gets a IWGP Heavyweight or NEVER Openweight Championship match in the main event  at Wrestle Kingdom 11.

After a long and grueling 2 weeks, Omega would make it to the finals facing off against Hirooki Goto and defeating him to not only win the G1 but to be the first gajiin to do so.

After 5 months,  Omega had already set the challenge to face off against reigning and defending IWGP Heavyweight Champion,  Kazuchika Okada in what would be leader vs leader,
Bullet Club VS Chaos.

Throughout the whole match, 
You can tell that no matter what anyone has said bad about Omega,  they were all wrong,
because he proved that someone who people said would never make it, can make it and compete in the main event at Wrestle Kingdom 11, at the Tokyo Dome. and mark the first ever 6 star match in Pro Wrestling history.

Omega is still young,  he can still compete in more huge matches.
If he still stays with NJPW next year or if he decides to go to WWE,Everyone knows that he can and will prove the naysayers wrong all the time, with every match he’s in and that is an already proven promise.


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Rami Hanna.

John Cena Set to Induct Kurt Angle into WWE Hall of Fame.

With what announced today by WWE and Kurt Angle with John Cena commenting on it.
Cena will induct Angle into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 1st.

Angle has had a heck of a career, 
From winning a gold medal for Wrestling in the Olympics to debuting in the WWE and winning many championships from world champion to European champion to a tag team champion.

After leaving the WWE,  Angle wrestled in many companies from all around the world,  he was the IWGP Heavyweight Champion,  the first TNA Heavyweight Champion and has also won many championships from other companies in his career.

After leaving TNA last year. 
Angle took a small break from wrestling to focus on his life.
But,  this year he was announced as the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 2017.

The man who will induct Angle is John Cena who also debuted against Angle and has had an amazing career for himself ,
being a 16 time World Champion,  winning the Royal Rumble twice and appearing and competing at 11 Wrestlemanias’.

It’ll be great seeing the Olympic gold medalist get inducted and you can see him get inducted on April 1st on the WWE Network.


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