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UFC Liverpool script.

” This was a great way to start off the show for the fans in Liverpool who got to see Darren Stewart get the TKO win in the first round with only a minute and 47 seconds in it that I say is very impressive because Stewart broke his 3 fight losing streak and can hopefully avoid being cut from the UFC and continue to compete there. So congratulations to Darren Stewart for extending his record to 8 wins and 3 losses while Spicely is now 10 wins and 4 losses. ”

” The second fight of the event was between Claudio Silva and Nordine Taleb.


Wh Matthew Riddle Isn’t All That.

Matthew Riddle is a former UFC fighter turned Independent wrestler who had the skills to quite possibly become the next big thing, that was until Riddle decided to ruin his career by using Marijuana and getting suspended once then ultimately released from the UFC.

Riddle would later on try joining Bellator MMA and Titan FC and after pulling out twice on Bellator, he was released. He would have one victory in Titan FC before  also being released from his third MMA company in under  two years before deciding to become an Independent wrestler and work for many Indy based companies from 2015 and still going today.

What can you really say about Riddle ? He’s probably more overrated than Hulk Hogan was during the 90’s. But there’s a difference, Hogan had a gimmick that has progressed throughout many decades while all Riddle is known for is saying, naming and having an overuse of the word “Bro” .   Don’t forget that Riddle also uses his same MMA gear and moves after dissing Dana White and the UFC, but still promotes them by wearing the same MMA gear. Talk about something to think about until your brain melts.

Riddle simply could have been one of the top guys in the UFC today. Without the overturns, he was 9-3. With them he’s 8-3-2.  No matter what he achies later on, his first career will remind him that if he was smart and cautious that he could have been the UFC Welterweight Champion, if not a contender for it.

Riddle uses the Indies to allow him to wrestle and do as he wants without suspension, now what if he signs with New Japan or WWE? He’d be forced to quit, but everyone knows that just like the UFC. He’ll continue his ways. Even wrestlers like Rob Van Dam kept themselves away from it when signing back with the WWE in 2014.

This isn’t to bash Riddle, it’s simply to explain that if you hype him, but trash UFC fighters for doing PED’s that you’re allowing Riddle to continue his ways. Will Ospreay, Ricochet,Pentagon Dark, Kenny Omega, Young Bucks and Cody (Rhodes) are all widely known and booked more than most because they stay clean and started in wrestling. These men deserve more hype than Riddle does, and Riddle isn’t all that as he praises to be.   Matthew Riddle isn’t all that.

Marshawn Lynch heading to Raiders.

Rumors and reports have come out that retired NFL Running Back, Marshawn Lynch may come out of retirement and sign with the Oakland Raiders.

Lynch at the age of twenty eight  aided the Seattle Seahawks a Super Bowl win in 2014, until deciding to retire in early 2016.  it looked like the man nicknamed “Beast Mode” would ride off into the sunset,  that was until earlier this year, rumors speculating that Lynch and the Raiders were in talks for him to play with them in their 2017 season.

This is big news for both parties.
Raiders in their 2016 season were 13-3 and Lynch retired shortly into his 2016 season, but if he was to come out, from what everyone has seen him do for the Seattle Seahawks, he can be the best perk added to the Raiders.

Raiders had stars that broke out in 2016. Derek Carr, Ben Heeney, Seth Roberts,  Clive Walford and Mario Edwards Jr.

Lynch has already broken out, but he could aid these Breakout stars, with his undeniable speed and power that can gain touchdowns and wins, for the Raiders, which will result in making it to either a Wild Card or Playoff game, with the opportunity to finally make it to the Super Bowl and gain their first win since 1984 when John Madden was their head coach.

If Lynch does come out of retirement, plays for the Raiders and aids as far as to making it to the Super Bowl.  this would be huge for the Raiders and the greatest miracle they could receive and would be a sweet farewell when the Raiders leave Oakland to Las Vegas in the near future.


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