Marshawn Lynch heading to Raiders.

Rumors and reports have come out that retired NFL Running Back, Marshawn Lynch may come out of retirement and sign with the Oakland Raiders.

Lynch at the age of twenty eight  aided the Seattle Seahawks a Super Bowl win in 2014, until deciding to retire in early 2016.  it looked like the man nicknamed “Beast Mode” would ride off into the sunset,  that was until earlier this year, rumors speculating that Lynch and the Raiders were in talks for him to play with them in their 2017 season.

This is big news for both parties.
Raiders in their 2016 season were 13-3 and Lynch retired shortly into his 2016 season, but if he was to come out, from what everyone has seen him do for the Seattle Seahawks, he can be the best perk added to the Raiders.

Raiders had stars that broke out in 2016. Derek Carr, Ben Heeney, Seth Roberts,  Clive Walford and Mario Edwards Jr.

Lynch has already broken out, but he could aid these Breakout stars, with his undeniable speed and power that can gain touchdowns and wins, for the Raiders, which will result in making it to either a Wild Card or Playoff game, with the opportunity to finally make it to the Super Bowl and gain their first win since 1984 when John Madden was their head coach.

If Lynch does come out of retirement, plays for the Raiders and aids as far as to making it to the Super Bowl.  this would be huge for the Raiders and the greatest miracle they could receive and would be a sweet farewell when the Raiders leave Oakland to Las Vegas in the near future.


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