John Cena Set to Induct Kurt Angle into WWE Hall of Fame.

With what announced today by WWE and Kurt Angle with John Cena commenting on it.
Cena will induct Angle into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 1st.

Angle has had a heck of a career, 
From winning a gold medal for Wrestling in the Olympics to debuting in the WWE and winning many championships from world champion to European champion to a tag team champion.

After leaving the WWE,  Angle wrestled in many companies from all around the world,  he was the IWGP Heavyweight Champion,  the first TNA Heavyweight Champion and has also won many championships from other companies in his career.

After leaving TNA last year. 
Angle took a small break from wrestling to focus on his life.
But,  this year he was announced as the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 2017.

The man who will induct Angle is John Cena who also debuted against Angle and has had an amazing career for himself ,
being a 16 time World Champion,  winning the Royal Rumble twice and appearing and competing at 11 Wrestlemanias’.

It’ll be great seeing the Olympic gold medalist get inducted and you can see him get inducted on April 1st on the WWE Network.


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