Tyron Woodley Retains Welterweight Championship by Majority Decision Over Stephen Thompson.

Tonight at UFC 209: Thompson VS Woodley. The main event was the long awaited rematch between Stephen Thompson and Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley.

As the first round began. Both men did absolutely nothing to each other besides walking around and staring at each other with the crowd booing both men and chanting for them to fight.

Throughout the second round both men had a repeat of the first round by doing nothing and you’d think that both men would want to dominate one another after all the hype they put into this rematch.

Now into the third round,  Woodley took down Thompson to try and get the action going only for it to replay the last two rounds of staring and feint punches and kicks for another wasted round.

Into the fourth round and both men are now getting into the action as Thompson goes for head kicks only to get taken down by Woodley as the round was almost shown to have more action but instead be wasted for the fourth time.

It’s now the fifth and final round,both men are looking for a clean knockout strike but it is more of staring at each other and do nothing, Woodley takes down Thompson where the referee Big John McCarthy almost stopped the fight only for it to continue and end as it’s time for the judges to score each round.

Tyron Woodley retains his Welterweight Championship after a majority decision after the judges final score being 48-47.

Photo Credit: BleacherReport.com


Rami Hanna.


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