Making the Oakland Raiders Great Again.


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This season in the NFL for the Oakland Raiders,  They had an amazing season,  That was until Derek Carr was injured with a broken Fiibia that led the Raiders to lose in the Wildcard game against Brock Osweiler and his Houston Texans.

If nobody remembers,
Back in the 2014 season for the Oakland Raiders when they had Dennis Allen they went 3-13 and the season before that was 4-14,  Automatically making the Raiders look like they will never see a good season again.

That was until they fired Allen and hired a temporary head coach in Tony Sparano to go out looking to find what they can do to make the Raiders great again, They found it when they hired Jack Del Rio as head coach and led the Raiders to a 7-9 record in their 2015 season aiding them with 5 more wins and 5 less losses than their 2014 season with Dennis Allen.

During their 2015 season,
The St. Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers would file to be relocated back to Los Angeles,  California while the Oakland Raiders would propose to go back to Los Angeles but instead backed out and after deciding between San Antonio or Las Vegas, They chose Las Vegas and will be known as the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020.

Starting in their 2016 season,  The Oakland Raiders took every game serious with a shocking 12-4 record for their 2016 season until Quarterback,  Derek Carr who has been with the Raiders since 2012, Carr got injured with a broken fibia and couldn’t play which would make the Raiders lose to both the Kansas City Chiefs and in a Wildcard game against the Houston Texans.

The Raiders have it all for another great season,  From the Quarterback to offense and to defense, Even signing head coach Jack Del Rio to a 4 year deal to guarantee themselves a great season,  Even if they will not rep Oakland in 2 years,  The Raiders are still without a doubt ready for 2017 and quite possibly the Super Bowl.

Rami Hanna.


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