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Josh Koscheck Announces Retirement from MMA Career.

Retirements have been coming in all week, from Rashad Evans to Johnny Hendricks, and now Josh Koscheck who was a UFC welterweight and an amazing fighter in the UFC.

Koscheck had many battles, from fighting and defeating Diego Sanchez, Chris Lytle, Frank Trigg, Anthony Johnson, Paul Daley and Matt Hughes while going for the Welterweight championship twice, but failing both times to one of the greatest Welterweight champions Georges St-Pierre.

Recently, Koscheck was on a six fight losing streak and it seemed like him getting a win in his career wasn’t possible after fourteen years of competition. Koscheck’s record was 17 wins with 11 losses, an amazing fighter in the UFC with many set backs to his career, we wish him all the best in retirement.

Photo credit: MMA Junkie.

Felder VS Perry Made Official for UFC 226.

Breaking news right now as Mike Perry has been set to fight Paul Felder after a huge day of changes, but in the end, everything was made right.

Perry was originally set to fight Yancy Medeiros but after Yancy broke a rib, the fight was cancelled and the UFC had to find a replacement for Platinum Perry.

Felder was set to fight James Vick for Fight Night 133 on July 14th, but after Al Iaquinta bailed out on his fight against Justin Gaethje, Vick announced that he would fill in for Iaquina for Fight Night 135 on August 25th. This left Felder without an opponent until today.

Perry VS Felder has been announced for UFC 226 next week and it is surely going to be brutal, a must watch fight and it has kept the card full so everyone can enjoy the event.

Photo credit: Bloody Elbow.

Wh Matthew Riddle Isn’t All That.

Matthew Riddle is a former UFC fighter turned Independent wrestler who had the skills to quite possibly become the next big thing, that was until Riddle decided to ruin his career by using Marijuana and getting suspended once then ultimately released from the UFC.

Riddle would later on try joining Bellator MMA and Titan FC and after pulling out twice on Bellator, he was released. He would have one victory in Titan FC before  also being released from his third MMA company in under  two years before deciding to become an Independent wrestler and work for many Indy based companies from 2015 and still going today.

What can you really say about Riddle ? He’s probably more overrated than Hulk Hogan was during the 90’s. But there’s a difference, Hogan had a gimmick that has progressed throughout many decades while all Riddle is known for is saying, naming and having an overuse of the word “Bro” .   Don’t forget that Riddle also uses his same MMA gear and moves after dissing Dana White and the UFC, but still promotes them by wearing the same MMA gear. Talk about something to think about until your brain melts.

Riddle simply could have been one of the top guys in the UFC today. Without the overturns, he was 9-3. With them he’s 8-3-2.  No matter what he achies later on, his first career will remind him that if he was smart and cautious that he could have been the UFC Welterweight Champion, if not a contender for it.

Riddle uses the Indies to allow him to wrestle and do as he wants without suspension, now what if he signs with New Japan or WWE? He’d be forced to quit, but everyone knows that just like the UFC. He’ll continue his ways. Even wrestlers like Rob Van Dam kept themselves away from it when signing back with the WWE in 2014.

This isn’t to bash Riddle, it’s simply to explain that if you hype him, but trash UFC fighters for doing PED’s that you’re allowing Riddle to continue his ways. Will Ospreay, Ricochet,Pentagon Dark, Kenny Omega, Young Bucks and Cody (Rhodes) are all widely known and booked more than most because they stay clean and started in wrestling. These men deserve more hype than Riddle does, and Riddle isn’t all that as he praises to be.   Matthew Riddle isn’t all that.

My Experience Watching Mayweather VS McGregor.

It has been over a week since the biggest and most hyped-up fight ever between UFC Lightweight Champion, The “Notorious”  Conor McGregor and Floyd “Money” Mayweather in a Boxing match.

This was not just my first ever boxing match I ever watched, but I got the chance to watch my favorite MMA fighter against without a doubt the greatest boxer of all time in an all-out battle to see who was better than the other, and believe me when I say that my heart didn’t stop beating until the end.

On one side you have the most talked about MMA fighter who in as little as 3 years became the man everyone wanted to see and be like from his skills at fighting and talking. McGregor did what no man could do for a decade and that was defeat Jose Aldo for the Featherweight Championship in a unpredictable 13 seconds, and went on to the Welterweight division to have 2 amazing fights with Nate Diaz that will forever be a highlight of a warrior for both men. Finally, McGregor would go to the Lightweight division and in his first fight, McGregor would defeat Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez at Madison Square Garden to become the first MMAfighter to hold  titles in two divisions simultaneously.

On the other side, you have the greatest boxer of all time who in 20 years won 20 titles in 5 weight classes and has been named the greatest boxer in the past 25 years by ESPN. Mayweather has undeniable strength, speed and defense to not only make you throw away your whole game plan, but make you think of ways to end him where in Mayweather’s head, that is the most impossible thing you can think of or even try doing to him.Mayweather has fought the best; Zeb Judah, Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto, Canelo Alvarez and Manny Pacquiao before stepping face to face with McGregor which was without a doubt worth the hype, wait and time for each fighter and fan who watched in attendance or at home with friends and family.

Afterwards. Mayweather officially retired from Boxing, after a long and blessed career, Mayweather would step down from his throne and prove to fans and naysayers that he is the greatest boxer of all time, no matter what anyone says and McGregor despite losing had an amazing performance and lasted ten rounds against the greatest boxer of all time. This, to me wasn’t all about money, but about how these two being the very best in their respective sport and wanting to prove that no matter how much you doubted the fight, they still had you talking and they made history from Mayweather becoming 50-0 to McGregor proving doubters wrong like he has before and will do again.

Adam Cole fired, Marty Scurll hired by Bullet Club at War of the Worlds.

On May 12th. At Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling’s War of the Worlds event. After Adam Cole had an amazing match with New Japan star, Hiroshi Tanahashi. He was greeted by his fellow Bullet Club members and best friends, Matt and Nick Jackson.

Hugs and a too sweet were provided, that was until the lights went out and Bullet Club’s leader, Kenny Omega appeared on the titantron and spoke about Cole’s tenure in not only the Bullet Club, but in professional wrestling.

Omega called it long, fruitful and storied. Omega also stated that Cole was not only fired. But, that all fairy tales must come to an end and that every fairy tale has a hero and has a villain.

That made every fan know what was happening when the “Villain” Marty Scurll appeared in the video, dressed in black and  a black steampunk plague doctor mask and the video then cut off.

The lights would come on and Scurll would stand there, Matt and Nick did good on acting shocked alongside Cole, until Scurll opened his umbrella to reveal the Bullet Club logo on it, once that happened, Matt and Nick would hit a stereo Superkick to Cole and Scurll hit Cole with his umbrella.

The pro wrestling world  stood shocked with the firing of Adam Cole and hiring of Marty Scurll by the Bullet Club’s leader, Kenny Omega and the future of Bullet Club will be nothing less of villainous for New Japan and Ring of Honor.


Photo Credit: Mucha Lucha on Facebook.com

Miocic VS Dos Santos: A Rematch 2 Years in the Making.

On may twelfth, at UFC 211.
It’ll be a rematch two years in the making when Stipe Miocic defends his UFC Heavyweight Championship, against the man who defeated him by a close unanimous decision two years prior to this match, Junior Dos Santos.

At the time, Dos Santos was coming off his third fight and second loss to at the time, UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez. Dos Santos was looking to prove a point, even against his next opponent, Stipe Miocic. Originally supposed to take place on May 31, 2014 at The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 Finale. But Dos Santos pulled out, he cited it was because of a hand injury and he was replaced by Fabio Maldonado.

The rescheduled bout  took place on December 13, 2014 at UFC on Fox: Miocic VS Dos Santos.  Miocic lost the back-and-forth fight by unanimous decision. The performance from both opponents won them the performance of the night award and a rematch between the two was heavily demanded.

Since Miocic lost to Dos Santos. Miocic went on to defeat Mark Hunt in a one sided fight, was scheduled to face Ben Rothwell but cited an injury, due to that, they couldn’t find an opponent for Rothwell and when pulled out,they quickly rebooked Miocic to face Andrei Arlovski in a title eliminator where Miocic quickly won by TKO early in the first round, earning him the Performance of the Night award, again.

After Miocic was originally supposed to fight Fabricio Werdum for the UFC Heavyweight Championship on February 6 at UFC Fight Night 82,  Werdum pulled out of the fight with a back injury scrapping the fight.

The fight was rescheduled for UFC 198 on May 14, 2016. Where Miocic quickly knocked out Werdum earning himself the win, the nickname “The Silencer ” for silencing the crowd, the UFC Heavyweight Championship and he was also awarded a Performance of the Night bonus.

Miocic’s first defense was against Alistair Overeem, despite being knocked down in the fight, Miocic quickly came back and defeated Overeem by TKO earning both performers the Fight of the Night honors.

Since Dos Santos defeated Miocic. Dos Santos took a year off the sport, returned having his three-year delayed fight with Alistair Overeem which eventually took place on December 19, 2015 at UFC on Fox 17. Dos Santos would lose in the second round to a TKO which didn’t help Dos Santos in having momentum to have a title bout against anyone.

Dos Santos next fight was excepted to be against Stefan Struve. until Struve pulled out a month before the fight, with a shoulder injury. Despite having six weeks to find a replacement,
They couldn’t and so he was pulled from the event, which again didn’t help Dos Santos or earn him a Heavyweight title match again Miocic.

Dos Santos is expected to face Stipe Miocic on May 13, 2017 at UFC 211 for the UFC Heavyweight title. This match has been demanded for two years and for it being for the most prestigious championship in the UFC,  you can expect absolutely anything to happen, from the strength Miocic holds to the power Dos Santos holds,  many people see Miocic walking out with the win, the Heavyweight title and redemption for losing to Dos Santos two years prior, but it would be a huge surprise if Dos Santos wins the Heavyweight title once again and another win over Miocic.

Don’t miss UFC 211: Miocic VS Dos Santos, on May 13th, 2017 and witness the rematch, two years in the making.


Photo Credit: MMAWeekly.com

Interview with PWM Heavyweight Champion EC Negro.

I recently got to chat with EC Negro and talk about his career in Pro Wrestling Magic, here is the full interview below.

RH: You started wrestling for Pro Wrestling Magic in November of last year, from then on you achieved wins and losses, what made you want to prove that the King of New York was more than just a nickname?

EC: It’s mostly been wins and even in defeat a true King will learn how to correct the mistakes that he makes. Ever since my return to Pro Wrestling and PWMagic specifically I have gotten so much better each time I wrestle and the names of the guys I have beat are impressive.

RH: You’re great at making the PWMagic crowd hate you,  these past few months you reached higher in the rankings for a Heavyweight Championship match, what were your thoughts walking in on the biggest match of your career in PWMagic?

EC: It’s Gods plan and what’s meant to be. I always knew that I would be the World Heavyweight Champion and no better place to be it is in Pro Wrestling Magic. I am the thing people come to see. I am what people pay there money to watch. I know how great I am and now the wrestling world does. Pro Wrestling Magic has a champion their company can be proud of and make a lot of money with.

RH: On January twenty first, you did what many said you couldn’t do, you defeated Ricky Martinez at PWM’s Looks Like We Made It event. Did that add any weight on your shoulders being the face of Pro Wrestling Magic?

EC: It’s exactly what I want because as The Pro Wrestling Magic World Heavyweight Champion I want to fight the very best. As Champion I should be given the big name matches that others who aren’t Champion are given. This Championship means I’m the top guy and I don’t care who it is because if you want to prove you are the man that runs the Kingdom you have to dethrone the King.

RH: Recently some controversy was started when you were scheduled to face off against Eddy McQueen, before the match could happen, a few days before,  you announced it was cancelled and that you were stripped of the Heavyweight title but didn’t give it up, what was the controversy behind that happening?

EC: It’s pretty simple. Eddy McQueen does not deserve to be in the ring with the Pro Wrestling Magic World Heavyweight Champion. I want the best competition in the world. He is not that. In fact I am not sure if he is a man. I went to Pro Wrestling Magic management and requested better competition. They wanted to give the match to McQueen to make the people happy, but to was never a Championship Match. Hence why I was not stripped. I made my appearance and won the match fair and square.

RH: At PWN’s Make It Through the Rain event, despite being pulled from the show, you appeared and was added into a non-title match against Eddy McQueen and Joey Ryan, in the end McQueen won,  do you feel despite saying that he doesn’t deserve a Heavyweight title match that he does now?

EC: Never during the match were the stipulations mentioned. All that was said that it was a 3 way match. I wrested in tons of those match in Pro Wrestling Magic and none of them were elimination. It’s called Wrestling Politics. I pinned Joey Ryan 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring. Not only am I The King Of New York but I am also The New King Of Dong Style. Eddy The Queen needed help to beat me. JT Dunn interfered and hit me with a loaded Death By Elbow. It’s vile and disgusting. The treatment I get as Champion is unfair and unjust.

RH: After you’re through with both Eddy McQueen and JT Dunn,  what are your new goals,  what does the King of New York want for Pro Wrestling Magic and for himself,  are there any wrestlers you feel you have yet to defeat?  How are you going to make PWMagic realize that you are their Heavyweight champion for a reason?

EC: After I dispose of those two Jabronis The King Of New York wants to fight the best wrestlers in the world. Doesn’t matter if you were in TV or have a great following on the indies. The King is going to destroy you and prove who I am and why I am The IT Guy. Pro Wrestling Magic already realizes who I am. Their house have grown every show since I debuted. Shocker right? Hahahaha.

RH: Two days ago marked the one year anniversary of Everett Cross being undefeated as the Pro Wrestling Magic Dark Arts Champion,  for a year he’s faced many stars, the legendary Gangrel,  the former King of Dong Style Joey Ryan,  Pinkie Sanchez and Ring of Honor’s Lio Rush, the question is, can anyone dethrone the God of Drivers?  You have said how many people have tried dethroning you as the King of New York and of Pro Wrestling Magic,  to fully takeover PWMagic, do you feel the need to defeat Everett Cross and prove that you’re the King of Pro Wrestling Magic?

EC: Everett Cross is levels under me. He’s a champion. That’s cool, but he’s not The World Heavyweight Champion. If he had the balls to go Title for Title his reign would end and easily. I want to make this clear I am bigger, smarter, stronger and even faster then Everett. It would be a big mistake to Cross my path. Hahahaha.

Thanks for reading, thank you to EC Negro for taking the time to let me interview him and don’t forget to watch what he does next in Pro Wrestling Magic.


Photo Credit: Pro Wrestling Magic.